Kevin Spaeth Horsemanship
Kevin Spaeth Natural Horsemanship Horse Trainer
Horse Trainer Specializing in;

  • The best start,
  • Developing the perfect trail horse
  • Solving ANY Issues
  • Advanced Performance Horse Training
  • Natural Horsemanship Training Methods

Of Special Interest to Trail Horse Owners, 
(With emphasis on developing a safe reliable trail horse,  you will have built in tools for easy tune up)

Would you like a horse that:

  • Trailers itself?         
  • Has a developed attention span?
  • Enjoys going away from barn buddies with you?
  • Watches other peoples' horses jig on the trail?
  • Gets a lolly pop from your farrier and vet? 
  • Crosses most any obstacle with confidence?
  • ( add your wish in this space)….

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Of Special Interest to Performance Horse Owners...
Horses started with my method will save you time. Proper foundation to the advanced maneuvers included in basic starting if you wish.

Such as;
Kevin Spaeth Horsemanship Clinic
Horse Trainer Kevin Spaeth
  • Roll backs
  • Sliding stops
  • Side Pass
  • Soft in the face
  • Soft in your hands
  • Supple Flexation
  • Introduction to the spin .
  • (your requirements here)
Phone (715)396-1265

Side Note;

I am currently in search of horses to be trained with a reputation for being the most dangerous, troubled, and considered “unable to be trained“. If any one reading my ad has such a horse, or if you may know of someone who may have such a horse, please contact me and or forward my personal email to the owner.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Kevin Spaeth
Spaeth Horsemanship
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