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What Characteristics Do Top Horse Training Professionals Have In Common?

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Horse Training For Vertical Flexation
First off, you should know that it’s not possible to become a top horse training individual unless you truly love and respect these wonderful animals! In other words, having a passion for horses and caring about their well-being is really the key to unlocking a strong and positive connection between trainer and horse!

Secondly, a great horse trainer will need to understand how horses think and act…it’s all about understanding the natural animal instincts of horses, as well as how they respond to human beings (and to other animals). This vital knowledge is then used in order to facilitate the entire horse training process.

Most top horse training individuals have a special bond with horses. In other words, these trainers are intuitive enough to sense the feelings of horses and then respond accordingly. You’ve heard of “dog whisperers”, such as Cesar Millan? Well, superb horse trainers are “horse whisperers”, and their intuitive bond with horses is, at its very best, practically magical!  

Top Horse Trainers Have Education and Experience

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Many top horse trainers have grown up around horses. They’ve also studied extensively, so as to get a handle on horses, from anatomy to psychology to a range of horse training methods. Top horse trainers really know their stuff and they bring tons of experience and education to the table. This is the reason why they are able to give their clients the superior service that they really deserve.

Successful horse training requires lots and lots of patience! After all, training a horse is a little bit like raising a child! There will be days when a horse is good and days when a horse is bad! Like a responsible parent, a capable and sensitive trainer teaches by setting the right example. Kindness, firmness and the repetition of tried-and-true horse training exercises help horses to learn effectively (and to retain this new knowledge for the future).

Top natural horsemanship trainers never hurt or traumatize horses. They don’t want to and they don’t have to…

Horse training is a labor of love, and it’s so worthwhile…

Knowledge of Natural Horse Training is Important

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Natural horse training is the most effective method of training horses in a humane and respectful manner. You’ll find that the world’s premier horse trainers utilize natural horsemanship training techniques in order to get five-star results.

During natural horse training, a skilled trainer will get to know a horse and ensure that he or she develops as much as possible, with regard to following commands and behaving well. In addition, the horse trainer will analyze the animal throughout the training process, with a mind to resolving any issues which may impact the animal’s ability to learn and behave.

Training may be basic, intermediate or advanced.

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I’m an experienced horse trainer and I utilize natural horsemanship horse training methods in order to help horses learn. In addition, I love these animals and I feel connected to each and every one of them.

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