My unloadable horse is now a point and load horse! Thank you so much Kevin Spaeth for making this happen! Tika was the most stubborn horse that I have ever met, when it came to trailer loading, and now she hops right up! We even took her down to trailer storage and loaded her in a little two horse trailer! I am just thrilled - this is a huge load off of my mind! 

Sarah D. Eau Claire Wi.  

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Jodie And Bugsy Video Testimonial...

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Respectfully submitted,
Laura Knipfer, DVM

I have been a veterinarian for 20 years and my family breeds and shows world level APHA horses.  I ran across Kevin Spaeth's brief, humble ad on Craigslist shortly after inheriting an extremely spoiled APHA gelding from my novice uncle who had let the horse sit untouched in his 20 acre pasture for about 8 years with his two draft Norwegian Fjord geldings.   I had been in love with this horse for years and my uncle always promised me that when he sold his farm, I could have him.  He was supposedly a well trained trail horse that my 72 year old uncle would ride at Wildcat Mountain.  I dreamed of the day I would get my "Dream" trail horse...

My uncle FINALLY sold his farm in May of 2013 and called me to come get the horses.  Cisco had become severely herd bound and buddy sour.  He went crazy at my farm if he was out of sight of the Fjords.  He was uncontrollable and despite my experience, he scared me.  There was NO WAY I was going to get on him!  I was devastated.  Since I was a little girl,  I knew that one day I would own the most beautiful, golden palomino.  For years, I thought it would be Cisco.  Saddened by this recent vice discovery, I thought about Kevin's ad...

Over the years, I have hired a dozen different trainers ranging in skills from colt starters to elite World APHA trainers.   My horses would come home after $750-1000/mo for 3-6 months at a time, filthy, sometimes clearly UNTOUCHED as they were no smarter than when I dropped them off, and one trainer didn't even show up the day I was supposed to pick my horse up so he could review with me everything he had done that I had paid him for!  I have to say, that I have been consistently disappointed in the work ethic of all but two of the trainers I have hired over the years.  One of them is APHA trainer Tina Langness.  The other is Kevin Spaeth.

I dropped Cisco off at Kevin's 10 weeks ago.  I told him about Cisco's history, what I had observed and asked him to evaluate him and let me know if there was anything he could do for us.  Cisco was tough.  When my 8 weeks was up that I had paid for, Kevin said he was ALMOST fixed, but that he wanted to test him on a couple of things to make sure he had gotten all the kinks worked out.  Kevin asked for two more weeks.  I agreed...

Today, I picked up my DREAM HORSE!  I showed up a Kevin's at 2pm.  He taught me, rode with me and took us on a trail ride for a total work time of four hours!  At the end, he wanted to make sure I understood everything he had taught me and Cisco.  Kevin said he would always be available to me if I had questions or problems and that I should call or email him.  He is also sending me links to videos so I can refresh my memory and continue to learn...

I will be sending my APHA World level contenders to Kevin to start.  Cisco already knows things that most of the show horses we have and also compete against can't do.

Really.  Need I say more?

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Knipfer, DVM

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To Whom It May Concern:

Having owned horses for 25 years and running a professional horse business for 10 years, I have seen horses of all types, temperaments, and training. Older horses that have been poorly trained or even abused through ignorance during training seem to be the hardest to bond with, hardest to see develop a trusting attitude and then the hardest to train, especially beyond the basics.

Recently, I witnessed an 8 year old Quarter-type gelding in the roundpen rearing, striking, and lunging after the person who was trying to start some groundwork on this gelding for the owners. It was obvious that this gelding was a seriously troubled horse with dangerous tendencies. He needed special attention, so after a week of this same violent behavior, Kevin was contacted.

In just a few days, Kevin had turned this gelding from a wide-eyed hellion into a trusting, kind-eyed companion that followed him everywhere and waited quietly for his next move.  After a week, he was being ridden in a saddle and even did a bowing trick for Kevin. The gelding would flex, jog, lope and allow the farrier to put shoes on. He is now ready for more complex training that will prepare him for reining, the show ring, or putting in many miles on the mountain trails.

There is no doubt that Kevin has a successful training method that works for horses, with or without, behavioral issues. I would recommend him as a trainer, to anyone wanting a quiet, willing horse that will give them many hours of enjoyment. 

B.D. Bryan
Cleveland Tennessee

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Natural Horse Training with Kevin Spaeth

I met Kevin in October of 2010, when he was visiting Tucson for a few weeks and I  was fortunate enough to have him spend some time training my two new problematic horses.  What Kevin was able to do in a week’s time was absolutely amazing.

I have had some experience with natural horsemanship training, and I am a huge believer and fan, incorporating those method into my training and everyday contact with my horses.    My frustration has always been the amount of time dedicated to training to bring them along.   I was truly amazed when Kevin spent one week to springboard them to the next level.

With the methods Kevin used , I became joined with my horse, and had my horse’s  total respect.  His ground work is beautiful.   Once on the horse’s  back,  I could transition though the gaits,  and have him come to a beautiful stop, and have my horse yield to the reins.

At the end of the week, and Kevin was ending his stay in Tucson, we saddled and rode the beautiful desert and washes, with two horses that were safe and a pleasure to ride.
My only disappointed was that I only had a week of Kevin’s time, as I am now involved in mounted shooting, and need some help in that area.

Cheryl Burk
Tucson, Arizona

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 To the horse lover in all of us,

This is my testimonial to Kevin Spaeth’s training techniques.  Kevin is dedicated to not only training his horses, but making sure their riders leave with the tools they need to feel safe on their horses.   It is evident that he takes a lot of pride in his work and will not give up until he knows a horse is safe.

In May of 2013 my mother and I sent our two mares to him.  Each had their own set of issues.  One liked to take control and buck, the other was petrified of everything.  Within a short amount of time, he had both issues under control and still put in the extra time and effort to work out the little issues as well.

Kevin is a very patient person who gains the respect of the horse through very simple, very effective techniques.  He is not abusive, and within hours, the horses followed him everywhere.  He is a true cowboy who does not live or train by the clock.  He makes sure that at the end of every lesson the horses have learned what he wanted them to know.   He will work countless hours to make sure to take advantage of every teachable moment.

Throughout the time he was training, Kevin offered us multiple opportunities to watch his sessions and ride with him.  He really cares about making sure the horse doesn’t just listen to him, but listens to you as well.   He is excellent in explaining and showing you in great detail how to work with issues that may arise.  I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about looking foolish trying his techniques, but  Kevin was very easy going and didn’t point out my countless mistakes.  Instead, he patiently encouraged me to try again and within a short amount of time, I got it.  The techniques are simple and effective.  With every step in the process I gained confidence in myself and my horse.

Kevin lives like a true cowboy.  His schedule is very flexible and he was very accommodating to meeting us during the time we had available.  Kevin showed me that you cannot always live and breath by a clock and sometimes you need to take the time to just kick back and enjoy the ride.

M.  Armitage
Eau Claire Wi.

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"Hi Cowboy ,, ,,Here are some pics of our horses,,,Hope you enjoy them
Thanks for training our horses AND US!!


After being bucked off and not knowing if it was us or the horses;We decided to hire a professional trainer!

  Kevin you have taken on our two Frisian mares ;that we knew little about.  And You not only figured them out but you worked long hours ,training them ,putting control tools into them, and teaching us how to use those control tools to have safe and confident rides.

  At 64 years old ,and with a few health issues , I am once again in the saddle and feeling confident and
 safe as my horse and I enjoy the trails.

  I`m sure that my daughter was able to safely move her horse  from a bad situation  ( A bear on the trail ),to a safe place and then calm her down , because of the training to both her and her horse....

  Thanks for coming to our home and giving us some extra tips ..

                       You are great
                                Thank You
                                   Becky Bublitz


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 Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your continued advice & support in working with Dexter & Blondie. Love to trail ride together this summer/fall.  Feel free to post my recommendation on your website.
:) Brenda

After seeing Kevin's advertisement on Craig's List and then reading info on his website, I decided to contact him about training 2 of our horses.

Blondie, a 7 year old mare, we bought 2 years ago for our then 9 year old son.  She ended up being bred & had a foal the 1st summer we owned her so didn't get ridden as much as planned. Plus, how she had been started, she was really dead in the mouth (hard to stop; like no reaction to the bit). We like her and want to keep her for our kids so decided training is worth the investment. We know she has many years ahead of her and we want to enjoy them with her.

The second horse we decided to take to Kevin is Dexter, a 16 year old Appaloosa gelding.  We've had Dexter for 12 years.  Many different people ride him (my 69 year old dad, my husband, and a variety of kids). And overtime, he's gotten away with some bad behavior and has developed a couple bad habits. Some included: when going into a canter, he would start bucking; kicking at other horses while trail riding; getting hyper when in new environments.

Kevin was very professional in asking questions about the horses and listening to what we wanted.  He has a great way with horses - both Blondie & Dexter loved him. He is patient & kind yet effective in teaching respect & having a soft, supple mouth & neck.  He works with them on the ground first before ever working them in the saddle.  And so when he rode Dexter & asked him to canter, Dexter never bucked. And he taught us what to do to keep the horses' attention and keep us safe in the saddle.

Kevin is very willing to not only train your horse, but also to work with us, the riders.  (and we needed it too).  We visited the training center a couple times and learned from Kevin, worked with our horses with Kevin, and learned new skills to implement right away.  We also got to go trail riding twice with Kevin & a couple other riders too at the facility. Kevin is genuine & sincere in his care for his clients and their horses.

Our horses were with Kevin for 2 months and now we've had them home a few weeks.  Kevin called the first week to follow-up & ask how they were doing.  This is another benefit of working with Kevin, he is eager to offer follow-up support and advice.  I'm thankful for the great training Kevin did with our horses and for the new skills he taught me, my son, dad, & husband.

We did a family trail ride a week ago and our son rode Blondie in all gates and totally went off by himself which didn't bother her one bit. And Dexter had the best attitude I think I've ever seen and he wasn't hyper nervous even though we were at a new place.  Kevin is a great horse trainer and I definitely would recommend him to anyone.  In fact, next spring we'll probably take Blondie's colt to Kevin too!

Greenwood, WI

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To whom it may concern:

I  highly commend Kevin Spaeth as a horse trainer.  Kevin is blessed with a natural talent, and has found his calling.  I have known Kevin for nine years.  I have not met another horse person/trainer who even comes close to understanding the horse the way Kevin does.  His system and techniques are so advanced that  I would grade him at the pro training level. 

I have met and rode many horses that Kevin has trained.  Numerous times I have seen him turn a wild, frightened, or misunderstood horse into a loving, willing partner, virtually overnight.  This is due to Kevins timing and feel.  Not a lot of people have that.  It is so effective that almost immediately the horse understands.  Once the horse starts learning, he is given choices.  This builds up self-confidence in the horse.  Creating a loving, and trusting bond.  Kevins training system takes several steps that  build upon one another.  A safe and gentle approach is always used and tailored to fit each individual horse.  

Not many people out there have the ambitiousness and dedication  to horses and their owners that I have seen in Kevin.  His communication skills are excellent.   He is always willing to work together with horses and the owners. He takes the time to explain his methods to people so they understand their horse better.  I have heard people tell Kevin that they have went to many clinics and talked other trainers.  Kevin was the only one who answered their questions, in a way that they understood.

Mustangs coming from the wild have the flight instincts of a deer. I have personal witnessed  Kevin turn a wild, rank, flighty mustang into a kids lesson horse. 

Kevin's training has saved a very misunderstood quarter horse from going to the kill pen.  The owner and other trainer said he was untrainable.  Kevin's training has turned that horse into a fantastic horse.  That horse now roams freely around the barn, and yard, and became the barn mascot.  Kevin truly saved his life.

I have grown up around horses and owned them for several years.  I've pretty much heard it all.  The old cowboy tricks, cruel methods, and bucking them out.  I am amazed at how many people still use these crazy techniques.  Kevin uses natural horsemanship and has no need for any type of tricks, or harshness.  Kevin's formula is no nonsense.

Kevin would be a tremendous asset to you and your horse and has my highest recommendation. 

K. Mueller
Horse lover and owner for 26 years
Medford WI.

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To whomever it concerns:

I have known Kevin for a long time as a family friend.  I can truly say he loves horses, along with any animal that he comes across.  I had Kevin work with my unruly Mustang.

 I witnessed Kevin’s dedicated passion to help my horse and to this day, my horse remembers what was instilled in him by Kevin.

This is fact:   Kevin loves horses and animals in general.  He is extremely PATIENT, which in my book,  if you truly love your horse… is a major requirement.

 I have seen him work with my mustang.  He displayed ultimate patience and understanding of the horse.  He would never harm a horse to attain the ultimate training level required of the horse.  Rather, he would go the extra mile to work with the horse until the horse understands what is required of him/her.

Kevin has ultimate patience, perseverance, and kindness combined to help a horse.   He will put forth more effort than you will witness, guaranteed.

 G. Loughlin
 Palatine Ill.

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