Why Choose Kevin?

Kevin has developed a safe, gentle, and effective horse training system derived from studying most of the top horse trainers, along with incorporating equine behavioral science philosophies.

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That said, Years of experience along with hundreds of horses trained, or re-trained Kevin has fine tuned an "above average timing and feel" which allows Kevin to recognize every horses needs including any  “holes” that may have been left  in any prior horse training that a horse may have had. Kevin has proven time and time again that there is no such thing as an "un-trainable horse".

Kevin's system, is a complete horse training system, that builds the horses mind in such a way that helps it to learn each phase with out creating other things that need to be corrected. Each lesson  and phase builds on the next producing super fast and effective results.

As an experienced and professional horse trainer, Kevin spends  time with each horse owner to develop their skills to understand and utilize the tools and safety features that the horses have learned. This in itself, is often lacking in most training programs.

You will build your confidence with your horse through Kevin's instruction and guidance.

Kevin stands behind his work , and offers ongoing support via phone, and email.

Natural horsemanship training can be incorporated into any equestrian discipline, just think about this for a minute, with a proper foundation, how much time and energy can be saved to achieve the horse training goals?

Video of your horses lessons are available at an additional charge.

Is It worth the drive to bring your horse to Kevin?
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